Phase II Treatment

Phase II treatment is also called comprehensive treatment because it involves full braces once all the permanent teeth have erupted, usually between the ages of eleven and thirteen. But, orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age. Everyone wants a beautiful and healthy smile.

Braces use steady, gentle pressure to gradually move teeth into their proper positions. Treatment times vary on a case-by-case basis, but the average time is from one to two years. Actual treatment time can be affected by the rate of growth and severity of the correction necessary. Treatment length is also dependent upon patient compliance. Maintaining good oral hygiene and keeping regular appointments are important for treatment time to stay on schedule.

There are two options for braces at Junction Orthodontics. We offer traditional metal brackets, as well as clear ceramic brackets for aesthetic purposes. There is a slight price difference in the two types, please inquire at your evaluation if you are interested in the ceramic brackets.

A frequently asked question by our patients is “Will the braces hurt?” The placement of bands and brackets on your teeth does not hurt. Once your braces are placed and connected with the arch wires, you may feel some soreness in your teeth for one to four days. Your lips and cheeks may need a few weeks to get used to the braces on your teeth. With sports, we recommend that patients protect their smiles by wearing a mouth guard when participating in any contact sport. We have mouth guards available for purchase that are comfortable and come in a variety of colors. Also, it is important to see your general dentist every six months for cleanings and dental checkups.